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  Mauritius PCTL Automation Limited
Nairobi, Kenya Mauritius

PCTL AUTOMATION LTD is an electrical engineering solution provider company specializing in the design, manufacturing and servicing of electrical switchboards , Industrial Automation, Servo Voltage Regulators for both commercial and industrial environments.

  Singapore ASIA ATE PTE LTD
90 Lorong 23 Geylang, #05-02 Singapore

semiconductor testing equipment refurbishment, reconfiguration and maintenance support.

  United States Pinnacle Solutions Inc.
5030 Bradford Drive NW Building One, Suite 130 United States

Training Device Development, Modifications, Technical Publications and Engineering & Training Services.

  Canada CSI
1410 Birchmount Road Canada

Electronics repair and refurbish

  United States PCC Aerostructures-Waldens Division
5313 E. Apache, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74115 United States

PCC Aerostructures manufactures world-class assemblies and components for the global aerospace market.

  United States HECKEL TOOL
W356S8920 Godfrey Ln, Eagle, WI 53119 United States

Equipment Manufacturing

  France Betri
ZAC des Gaulnes, 254 Rue Gustave Eiffel, 69330 Meyzieu France

Manufacturer of precision mechanics and tools.

  Slovenia SŽ Vleka in tehnika d.o.o.
Zaloška cesta 217;1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

services of towing, maintenance of railway vehicles and technical wagon activity.

  United States Delta Air Lines
Atlanta, Georgia United States

Delta Air Lines

email only

  India Centum electronics
Bangalore Aerospace Park Industrial area, Jala Hob Bangalore India

We are into PCB Manufacturer

  Turkey 3s ltd. corp.
sakarya Turkey

  Mexico Isuzu
Mexico Mexico

vehicle manufacturer

  Italy Telecom Italia
Via oriolo romano RM Italy


  United States Northrop Grumman Corp
Fort Worth, TX United States

defense contractor

  Hong Kong U T S Asia Ltd
Chatham Rd S, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

machinery and equipment

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