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Polígono de Pena Purreira, As Pontes Spain


  Israel Giga I C Electronics 148 Ltd.
Hadrim 4 Israel

pcb board layout and manufacturing for military, medical and civilian industries.

  Turkey Kaya Corp
Gökevler Mahallesi, Istanbu Turkey


  Switzerland Kereon connectors & fiberoptics Switzerland
Chemin de Rochefort 5 / 1169 Yens / Switzerland

  Poland Omega Electronics
ul. Kedzierskiego 4, 26-600 Radom Poland

automation engineering

  Germany esz AG calibration & metrology
Max-Planck-Strasse 16 Germany


  Germany dicofema
am krahenhag 19 in radolfzell Germany

seal and elektronic for coffe maschines

  Greece MARIOS
Friedenstrasse, 93 Greece

audio engineering

  United States Mohawk Industries, Inc.
1026 Lafayette Hwy Roanoke, AL 36274 United States

Mohawk is the world's largest flooring company, delivering style and performance for residential and commercial spaces around the globe.

  United States ACIST Medical Systems, Inc.
7905 Fuller Rd Eden Prairie MN United States 55344

Medical Device Manufacturer

  Taiwan TAIWAN AGC CO.,
Hsih chu Taiwan

Equipment Engineering

  United States US Department Of The Army
401 Lee Blvd, Fort Eustis, VA 23604 United States


  Poland Lear Corporation Poland II sp.zoo
Wojska Polskiego 3 Poland

automotive seating and e-systems

ODTU Teknokent Ankara / Turkey ankara Turkey

integrator for ISDN

  Germany casco Products corporation
25865 Meadowbrook Rd, Germany

As part of Amphenol’s Sensor Technology Group, Casco is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered data connectivity, power interconnect and sensor products for the global automotive market.

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