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  United States John Bean Technologies
7300 Presidents Dr. Orlando, FL 32809 United States

JBT is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries.

  United States Collinsaerospace
330 Collins RD NE United States

aerospace manufacturer

  United States Applied Sciences Corp.
11855 Windmill Rd United States

  United States Sanmina Corp
36000 South Memorial Parkway SE, Huntsville, AL, 35976 United States


email only


renewable energy

  Taiwan QuanLee Technology Co. Ltd.
2F.,NO.135-2,Maijin Rd.,Anle Dis ,Keelung City Taiwan

system integrator

  Canada ES&P Ventures Corp.
1 Bradwick Drive Canada

Manufacturer of Residential, Commercial, Industrial Telephone Entry System

  Germany Narda STS GMBH
Sandwiesenstr 7, Pfullingen Germany

worldwide leader in research and development of EMF-measuring equipment

  China Dongguan Kaifa
Dongguan China

EMS Manufacturer

  United States Karma Automotive
9950 Jeronimo Road United States

Karma Automotive designs, engineers, and markets luxury electric vehicles.

  United States Printpack
297 Andrew Way United States

Printpack is a world-leading flexible packaging company—flexible and rigid packaging manufacturers.

  Canada Telus
3777 Kingsway Burnaby BC Canada V5H3Z7

telecommunications company

  United States Tronair
1 Air Cargo Pkwy E Swanton OH United States 43558

ground support manufacturer

  United Kingdom Britten-Norman Ltd
Commodore House, Mountbatten Business Park, Millbrook Rd E, Southampton UK SO15 1HH Southampton Hampshire United Kingdom

Aircraft Manufacturer

  India Maini Precision Products
Bommasandra Industrial Area Bangalore India 560099

Aerospace COmponents Manufacturers

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