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  Hong Kong Parkin (HK) Industrial Ltd.
Room B180, 10/F, Fou Wah Industrial Building, 10-16 Pun Shan Street, Tsuen Wan Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong 999000

PCBA Assembly

  United States DENSO International America, Inc.
24777 Denso Dr. United States

Manufacturer of automotive technology, systems, and components

  United States Mettler Toledo Thornton
900 Middlesex Turnpike United States

Manufacturer of Laboratory equipment

  China Season Group
HK China

Global Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider


Manufacturer in welding, thermal spray, organic and inorganic coatings.

No. 4 Building No. 29 Duxi Road, Longxi Village Longgang Street Longgang District Shenzhen City China

PCB design, manufacturing and assembly

  Germany Schroff GmbH
75334 Straubenhardt Germany

We are a $2.1 billion, high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 9,000 people and trusted brands such as CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF and TRACER.

  United States Kurt Manufacturing
5280 Main Street NE United States

Contract Machining Manufacturer

  United States Hill Air Force Base
6137 Wardleigh Road Hill AFB Hill AFB UT United States 84056-5205


  United States Mac Cal
1737 Junction Ave. United States

Assembly, Cables & Harness

  United States Schneider Electric
235 Burgess Road United States

specialist in energy management and automation

  United States EMS Consulting Group Inc.
15 Montebello Dr., Vernon Hills, IL 60061 United States

  Brazil FC Componentes Eletroeletrônicos Ltda
Rua Santa Gertrudes São Carlos São Paulo Brazil 13570-800

wire Harness manufacturer

  United States Kurt Mfg
5280 Main Street NE United States

Contract Machining Manufacturer

  Hong Kong Electro Power Solutions
2nd Floor Kau On Building, Kowloon 2nd Floor Kau On Building, 251-253 Cheung Sha Wan Road Hong Kong ON L5V 1K2


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