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Sincan 1.OSB Karakoyunlu Cad. No 4 Sincan Ankara Turkey 06935 Turkey

Manufacturer of building communication systems, lighting fixtures and sensor products on fire detection systems

  Taiwan AISYS Vision Corporation
5F,No.203,Jing-sing Rd. WenShan District, Taipei,11669 Taiwan

We are professional vision hardware and software component manufacturer in Taiwan. Our products aim the market of scientific / machine vision applications and get the best C/P ratio.

  Indonesia dharma electrindo mnufacturing
Jl. jababeka XII, blok W, no 5A, Jababeka 1, Bekasi, jawa barat Indonesia

  United States AbelConn
9210 Science Center Drive, New Hope, MN 55428 United States

a Celestica company, links the respective divisions’ capabilities in fully-tested electronic assemblies, connectors, complex build-to-print manufacturing, backplanes, chassis, custom design, metal finishing, metal fabrication, and extrusions.

  Germany Omni Elektronik GmbH
Ringstrasse 12 Engelskirchen NRW Germany 51766


  United States Biotechnix
217 Westhill Dr United States


  Germany Gaslock GmbH
Hombrucher Weg, 19 Germany

Our production systems for lockable tank caps , oil dipsticks , petrol level indicators , gear indicators and gas level indicators are state-of-the-art and partly developed in-house.

  United States Onto Innovation
4900 W 78th Street, Bloomington MN 55435 United States


Sos Virtutii nr 22 / sc. 2 / ap. 47, sector 6, Bucharest Romania

measuring and control equipment for pressure, temperature, humidity, PVC, metal fittings, protective equipment.

  Netherlands Euro Senko
Kastanjelaan 6c,2982CM Ridderkerk, The Netherlands Netherlands

Automobile Parts Manufacturer

  United Arab Emirates FOSS LLC Dubai
215,216. Al Bayan Building , Opp :: Bright Riders School, Dubai Investment Park 1 , PO Box 475501, D United Arab Emirates

IT solutions company and Network integrator

  Panama Airpro Componentes S.A.
Panamá Pacífico, Boulevard de las Américas Panamerican Corporate Center Galera 9080, Local 4 Panama

aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircrafts and components

  Ecuador Amerinode del Ecuador S.A
Av. 6 de diciembre y Eloy Alfaro Ecuador

telecom equipment repair services

  United States Pivot Point Inc
761 Industrial Lane P.O. Box 488 Hustisford, WI 53034 United States

Leading Designers and Manufacturers of Non-Threaded Fastener Solutions

email only

  Czech Republic HOKAMI CZ
Amperova 464 Czech Republic

PCBA manufacturer

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