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  United States AAI POWER FLO
75 ALLIED DRIVE United States

electrical product service and repair

  China Nanjing Ticom Tech Co., LTD
Nanjing China

Manufacturer of Wireless communication for rail traffic

  United Kingdom FlyTS
152-154 Coles Green Road, London, NW2 7HD United Kingdom

AOG Support

  China Quanzhou Jinzhou Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd
No. 2-253~255, wenling road, licheng district, quanzhou China


  United States dBm Productions
1620 Wendy Way, Richardson, TX United States


  Italy Eurotech Spa
Via F.lli Solari 3/A Amaro Italy

Eurotech designs and develops embedded boards and modules, edge computers, HPEC and IoT platforms to enable digital transformation.

  Czech Republic Vesla s.r.o.
Buštěhradská 223, Kladno Czech Republic

Development and manufacturing of custom-made electronics

  United States JJCompsystems
824 Campbell Ave United States

  United States Granite Mountain Design
11500 Santa Fe Loop United States

manufacturing for the aerospace industry

  India AXISCADES Aerospace & Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Centropolis, 21, Langford Road,, Langfor Town India


  Taiwan Dr. Power
No.131, Jili street, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan

Manufacturing batteries

  United States Sigma Research
San Diego CA United States

  United States Applied Industrial Technologies
9424 Southridge Park Court Orlando FL 32819 United States


  India Juniper Networks India Pvt. Ltd
Elnath-Exora Business Park, Prestige Tech Park Survey No.111/1 to 115/4, Wing A & B, Amane Belandur India

Networking & Cybersecurity Solutions

  Canada CJM Technologies
6025 12th Street SE, Bay 2 Canada


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