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606 COUNTY ST MILAN MI United States 48160-9606

surface finish company

  Hungary Sedecal HUngary Ltd
Dozsa Gyorgy 86 Hungary

OEM design and manufacturing of high frequency X-Ray generators and X-Ray systems

  United States Thorlabs
56 Sparta Avenue Newton NJ United States

Manufacturer of for laser and fiber optic system

Via Pietro Nenni, 20, 62018 Porto Potenza Picena MC Italy

Automotive assembly

  United States Boomslang Fabrication LLC
2000 East Broadway #200 Columbia , MO 65201 United States

Wire Harnesses for the Automotive Industry.

  United States CLogic LLC
800 HAWKS NEST CT Ponte Vedra Beach FL United States 32082

Manufacturer of military hardware

Re'em Industrial Park, 2 Neta Boulevard, Bney Ayish 60860 Israel

TAT Technologies, Ltd. is a diversified technology-based engineering and industrial company specializing in design, development and manufacture of Heat Exchangers, Cooling Systems, Cold Plates, Vapor-Cycle Air Conditioning Systems (for both land and airborne applications) flow accessories, etc.

  United States Power Innovations
1305 S 630 E, American Fork, UT 84003 United States

Power Innovations provides customized power management solutions

  United States Ensign Power Systems, Inc.
2175 Citrine Court, Loveland, CO United States

  Mexico Jabil
Jabil Guadalajara Mexico


  United States 1111
11111 United States


  United States Trombetta
8111 N. 87th St., Milwaukee, WI 53224 United States

Trombetta is a leading worldwide manufacturer of DC power switching and power management products for mobile applications.

  Russia STIK
Izhevsk. Solutovskaya str. 75-403 Russia


  Malta Carlo Gavazzi
B42 Bulebel Industrial Estate Malta

Carlo Gavazzi is a diversified, internationally active electronics group designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial automation and information processing.

  United States Industrial Solutions
1777 Alemany Blvd., San Francisco CA United States


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