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  Mexico Triumph group
Calera Mexico

Triumph Group designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs and overhauls a broad portfolio of aircraft structures, components, accessories, subassemblies and systems.

  United States Autotronics, Inc.
2700 Davis Blvd United States

design, development, and manufacture of custom made, precision electromagnetic actuating devices

  United States Comsonics Inc.
1350 port Rd. Harrisonburg VA. United States

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

  United States Letterkenny Army Depot
1 Overcash Avenue Chambersburg, PA 17201 United States


  Italy Faro Elettronica srl
V. Angela Vacchi ,27 Aprilia (LT) Italy


  Canada Prairie Rail Workshop
234 Fairbrother Terr Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada S7S 1H9

Model Railroading non-profit

  United States Britelab, Inc.
6341 San Ignacio Ave United States


  United States SOPARK CORP
3300 SOUTH PARK AVE United States

providing electronic printed circuit boards, cables, wiring harness and electro-mechanical assemblies.

  Spain Technaid S.L.
Av. Madrid, 84 Spain

specialized in developing innovative systems

  Germany Logistic-Jet GmbH & Co. KG
Muehlweg 3, 88239 Wangen im Allgaeu Germany

Manufacturer of automated guided vehicles


power supply design and manufacturing house.

  Turkey Altunsa AŞ.
Organize Industrial Zone Celal Dogan Boulevard No: 26 Başpınar / GAZİANTEP Turkey

manufacture food equipment

  Poland Vt Elektronika
Witold Brozewicz Suchawa 30 ,11410 Barciany Poland Poland

agriculture stuff repairing

  South Africa DRS Technology
Kloppersbos 50, Pretoria South Africa

design electronic systems

  Hungary Elektron Kft.
Stadion u.7. Hungary

Speed measuring and indicating instrument Manufacturer

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