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  Taiwan Leadtech J&H Co., Ltd.
No. 33, Lane 213, Chang Chin, Rd., Xi Zhi City, Taipei Taipei Taiwan Taiwan 221

We are Maintenance Department R&D of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
looking for the parts no.:HCM11D. The spec. is 36VDC/8pin/dip.

  United States Spectrum Instruments, Inc.
570 E. Arrow Hwy., Suite D San Dimas CA United States 91773

Precise GPS Time and Frequency Reference Instruments.

  Brazil Senoidal Eletron. Ltda
R. Sta Justina 637 S.Paulo S.P Brazil 04545-042

Electronic maintenance on all telecom electronic equipmts

  Malaysia Elanda Engineering Sdn Bhd
No 43, Jalan KE8/1B, Garnet, Kota Emerald West Rawang Selangor Malaysia 48000

Electronics Repair Centre

  Australia TME Systems
2/38 Lancaster St Ingleburn NSW Australia 2565

we need only qty 10 but will accept 20 depending on price.
we repair industrial controls

  China ACES company ltd
zong xin Road suzhou jiangs u China 215021


  United States R.L. Darke
230 Industrial Dr Franklin OH United States 45005

Cable TV OEM

  Israel P.M.I.


  Malaysia Contraves Advanced Devices S/B
39, Batu Berendam FTZ, Malacca Malacca Malaysia 75700

Nature of Business : Industrial Product.

  Brazil EngMed
Salvador Bahia Brazil 41740200

Medical equipaments

  United States ANTEK
6631 Wakeield Drive Alexandria Virginia United States 22307

OEM, Telecom

  United States Secure Comm Systems
1740 E. Wilshire Ave Santa Ana CA United States 92705

Computer systems for the military

  Canada Probewell Lab Inc.
4715 des Replats Quebec QC Canada G2J1B8

Manufacturer of Measurement Inst.

  Serbia and Montenegro IMTEL Institute
Bul.MihajalaPupina 165b Belgrade Serbia Serbia and Montenegro 11070

production of microwave digital radios

  Australia Atmospheric Radar Systems P/L
26 Stirling Street Thebarton South Australia Australia 5031

Radar Products used for scientifi investigations of the atmosphere

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